Analysis Of The Poem ' Coming Into Language ' By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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With just a paper and a pen, the power of language can transform the world around you. Language has established a system of human communication, incorporating the application of words in a structured and customary way. Its purpose can profess emotions from one human to another and suddenly make you feel the lost emotions inside of yourself. In Coming Into Language written by Jimmy Santiago Baca, he emphasizes his wildly dangerous journey of life and being found in the influence of language within the walls of his jail cell. In Homemade Education written by Malcolm X, he too had elaborated on his awaking of language from his time in jail as well. In fact, as both of these influential men were incarcerated, they found this sense of uplifting freedom by the power of language to escape those chains. Though I was never in jail, I had metaphorically I felt imprisoned by my parents. As a kid, growing up, I found myself with so much negative emotion built inside of me. There was no output, until I found the use of language. For me, language creates a support of my identity and freedom. In which case brings a great connection I feel between these two writers. From reading or writing, it helps me figure out who I am and my ambitions. The effect of language can significantly find your identity, a way to express yourself, and take you to a whole other world where you are set free.

We live in a world where society, or even your parents categorize who you are and who you are…

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