Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' A Oil Painting '

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In a oil painting "A Tale of Two Hoodies" by Michael D 'Antuono, consist of an American flag as it 's background. The painting also has a hole in the center of the American flag. Within that hole we can see the Confederate flag. In front of the art work we can see two persons looking at each other. On the left side there is a police officer that is wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood and is pointing a gun towards a African American boy. On the right side there a boy who is dark skin wearing a white sweater and has his hood on, and he also is holding candy that are called sweeties .The candy also says share size. The painting is in a wood frame and in the bottom center of the frame there is a plat that says "A Tale of Two Hoddies" The hole in the American flag ,which shows the Confederate flag symbolize that there still racism in America . The way the police officer is holding his gun towards the kid it demonstrates that law enforcement is hostile towards the kid 's race. The fact that the candy that the boy is holding says "Share Size", shows that the boy wants to share with the police officer. The hood that the police officer is wearing is a Ku Klux Klan signature sign of the group, which is referring to there are police officer that are a part of the Ku Klux Klan. Finally the way the painting 's design and text is layout , it wants us to remember a case called the Trayvon Martin case. The hole in the middle of the American flag indicate that there still is racism in this…

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