Essay about Analysis Of The Play ' See How They Run '

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Being the director of “See How They Run” showed me the many characteristics a director must have in mind while thinking of how to present the play. One must have in mind the time and place the play is set in, the main focus and goal of the play, the themes and symbols that are present, and the different ways one can send all of those ideas and concepts to the audience.
See How They Run is situated at England in the 1940’s during WWII. The play is about an ex-actress, Penelope Toop, who recently married reverend Lionel and is being criticized by Mrs. Skillon who is a religious follower. Mrs. Skillon believes Penelope is having an affair with Clive who is a former friend of Penelope and also currently enrolled in the army. Lionel leaves his home to attend a concert and during that time Penelope and Clive get together and prepare themselves to go out. Clive and Penelope rehearse a scene they used to do together but Mrs. Skillon is accidentally hit and passes out in the house. Time goes by and Lionel comes back in the evening to find Mrs. Skillon with a bottle of sherry. Lionel is confused as to how Mrs. Skillon ended up in the condition she is at. Penelope is nowhere to be found and Lionel sits down. A German prisoner has recently escaped and finds his way to Lionel’s house. He enters and finds Lionel sitting down and with a knife he threatens to kill him, if Lionel does not give him his cloths. Lionel is forced to give up his cloths and also he is struck down and…

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