Analysis Of The Play ' Death Of A Salesman ' Essay

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In the play Death of a Salesman we have a family who lives in New York. There’s two sons Biff and Happy who had just recently moved back in with their mother Linda, and father Willy, and both have interesting pasts. Each of these characters have different relationships with one another some stronger than others. They want to start making money and if anyone knows their father Willy they’ll find a way. After a while of not seeing each other for a while of course his parents were excited, but things turn out not as expected. There’s many lessons we could have learned in this play whether or not it’s success vs. failure, the american dream, appearance, or pride. I chose the most evident, family relations mostly being between father and son because throughout the acts there always to seems to be some type of conflict and it effects everyone greatly.
The first rocky relationship I came across was Linda and Willy. Willy doesn’t give Linda the same love and attention she gives him. He always pushes how to she feels to the side and puts business before, but vise versa Linda’s top goal is to keep Willy happen. She keeps him content even if that means she’s not happy herself. In act one is where I first noticed it when Linda asked if he had wrecked the car and he responded with attutide, “Nothing happened. Didn’t you hear me?!” (Salesman 2) Willy and Linda Loman have a complex relationship in which Linda is as an enabler to Willy’s dreams and fantasies. She always supports him even…

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