Analysis Of ' The Perfect Man ' Essay

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Love and caring relationships are psychological needs required to be emotionally healthy. Abraham Maslow placed love in the middle of his famous pyramid of needs. “Maslow hypothesized that psychological health was possible only when these needs were satisfied” (Lester 83). People need caring relationships and having a sense of belonging to be emotionally stable and to thrive in life, but what happens when the search for this needs results in the confusion of other feelings for love, or when people rely on the other to love and care for them. Is it really love? In The Perfect Man, Naeem Murr explores the relationship between two characters, Annie and Lew. Throughout the development of their relationship, it might seem Lew is dependent on Annie and holds on to her as an anchor to the world after the mental and emotional damage he has gone through. Yet, their relationship seems to be based on a habit of being with each other for years and the formulated happy ending of one day getting married. Annie feels she possesses Lew while being confused between her love for Lew and her love for Raj. Annie takes on the responsibility to keep Lew sane, putting him above her needs at least until Baby comes. Therefore, Annie fails to see the love she had for Lew as children has transformed to a sense of duty towards him. The romantic relationship Annie and Lew have is the product of growing up together and being caught up in their fantasies. They grew up together in a small town that…

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