Analysis Of ' The Obama ' Back Into Back ' By Youtuber Alphacat

925 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
The Obama “Back to Back” spoof published by YouTuber Alphacat is directed towards the Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Its communicative purpose is to entertain and share the ideas and views the Obama character has against Trump. While many spoof main way to convey an idea, this spoof main way to develop ideas is through the lyrics. As well as in the original video, the lyrics are used as a counterattack to oppose the protagonist. Donald Trump being protagonist displays that many people are not very favored of him for legitimate reasons. In the spoof the reasons people may be opposed to Donald Trump are repetitively said rather than simply once, which shows there is a bigger message to the picture than what is being shown or told. At first, by hearing the spoof the audience may assume they understand the full concept of what is being said, but the lyrics may not sink in their head, causing them to not fully think about the current situation in the in united states. The current situation is Donald Trump is an actual Presidential candidate, and this is the reality that the country as to wake up to. Alphacat uses the following concepts such as repetition, Kairos, ethos and some sort of imagery through his lyrics to help deliver a message. “They’ll ask if I can run again back to back.” This quote is frequently said in the spoof where Obama is saying that the country is going to want him to be elected for another term. The used of repetition with the quote is used in…

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