Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Taylor Greer '

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Diana Dudurkaewa
Accelerated Eng. 1-2
11 Aug. 2014 Taylor Greer
The protagonist, narrator, and the main character of the novel is Taylor Greer. Her original name was Marietta or “Missy” as people tend to call her, but she changed her name when she began her journey. She is self-reliant and assertive, and believes that she doesn’t need a man nor children in her life. She has the ability to laugh at not only herself but others as well. Taylor lives mostly in Arizona in an apartment with her roommate named Lou Ann, and spends a brief time in Pittman County, Kentucky in the beginning of the book. Taylor impacts the plot the most by adopting Turtle, because it affected the ending of the novel and it was an enormous part in the story. Taylor was an important and a major character in this story, because without her the story within the novel would be completely different. Taylor is the character that the story revolves around, and whatever action she does results to how the novel will end.

Lou Ann Ruiz
A Kentuckian young, blonde woman living in an apartment with Taylor Greer is Lou Ann. In the beginning of the book, Lou Ann lacked self-confidence, and would continually criticize herself. Once Angel Ruiz, Lou Ann Ruiz’s husband, left and Taylor Greer moved in, she became confident within herself. Lou Ann is worrisome, kind-hearted, and motherly; she is self-conscious and fears the death of her infant, Dwayne Ray, and herself. Throughout the book, she is always in…

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