Analysis Of The Novel ' Silver Sparrow ' Essays

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Relationships are often difficult and messy, especially in the world Tayari Jones presents in her 2011 novel Silver Sparrow, chronicling the lives of the two daughters of bigamist father James Witherspoon. Jones represents the sparse yet overly complicated world of Dana Yarboro as a secret world hidden from the prying eyes of the world. Dana’s refusal to stay hidden leads to her ultimate betrayal of her father’s secret. While Chaurisse Witherspoon the public daughter James proudly presents to the world for all to see, enjoys the luxury of suburban life. Throughout the novel Jones’ character, Dana tries to reconcile how she can be part of her father’s family, but not truly a part of his life. While Chaurisse moves through the world with blissful ignorance of the secret life that lay just on the other side of town. Both girls evolution throughout the novel Silver Sparrow illustrates strong character development as Jones discusses the complexity of relationships in a world of secrets and lies.
Jones creates the character of Dana as a representation of the children of broken relationships. Some of the inspiration for Dana came directly from Jones own life from a desire to know her sisters from her father’s previous marriage, stating in an interview: “…I 've always felt that I had a sister just outside my grasp,” (Norris). Hiding in the shadows of her sister, Dana longs to know her father, to have a relationship with him and to be acknowledged as his child. Dana is not only…

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