Silver Sparrow Character Analysis

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Silver Sparrow is an award winning novel written by Tayari Jones in 2011, with the setting of Atlanta, Georgia, her hometown. Jones uses many literary devices, one being character development, to help build her characters throughout the novel. One of the main characters, Dana Yarboro, risks everything to build a relationship with her secret half-sister, Chaurisse Witherspoon, only to end up with absolutely no relationship by the end of the novel.
Throughout the second part of Silver Sparrow Dana risks everything she has with her father to reach out to her sister Chaurisse. She befriends her half-sister with a secret that was only kept between her and her immediate family. Not only was Dana forbidden to make contact with her sister, she was
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Of course she was hurt by her father, but even more so by Dana, the person she became great friends with. Chaurisse was hurt to find out that such a good friend would lie and keep such a big secret from her. Chaurisse then questioned their entire friendship and wondered if it was all a trick to separate James Witherspoon from his main family. Instead of apologizing, Dana decided to stay away and let go of the friendship that she built with her sister. Dana did not abide by her father at the beginning by keeping away from his main family, but she sure did abide by him at the end, once she realized he would not choose her family over Chaurisse’s. Maybe Dana did have a plan the whole time. Maybe her entire friendship with Chaurisse was a sham and she wanted the secret to come out so she could have her father to herself. Once Dana realized that James Witherspoon would never leave his real family, and her plan backfired, she may have then decided to have nothing to do with her half-sister. Dana lost everything from this, including her father. Her father went on about his life and had nothing to do with what use to be the “secret family.” In the beginning of the novel, even though Dana seemed to be a bit of a snooty person, she still seemed good hearted and true. However, by the end of the novel, having never apologized to Chaurisse and just giving up the way she did, showed a bit of a darker side to Dana. Her actions …show more content…
If Dana would have simply apologized to Chaurisse for keeping such a secret and continued her efforts in having a relationship with Chaurisse, she would have remained the sweet person she seemed to be throughout the novel. Dana’s friendship with Chaurisse would have seemed true and legitimate if she continued to fight for it. Instead, Dana did nothing and was rejected by both her father and her sister forever. Dana, who at first seemed to be a sweet innocent girl, ended up seeming to be a conniving manipulator, who set out to destroy one family to have her

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