Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Of Mice And Men '

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Ripped apart by its teeth, he screams in pain. He wishes you 'd just go away, he begs and pleas, let me be. He has been in your grip for far too long he thinks. He wonders how do I escape, is it even a possibility? The thoughts are overwhelming as your teeth sink deeper. He gives you a glorious smile, as a salty tear falls onto his quivering lips. The blood of the innocent drips on the cold floor, you laugh as he lies dead between your horrid grasp. Society is cruel at times, and significantly ignorant. No wonder why change is so hard to achieve. The life of an intellectually disabled being can be blissful but for some it is also ugly. Being mocked, discriminated, and tortured comes often. Isolation, depression, and self- doubt usually follow. Slowly it all kills the soul and diminishes overall well-being. The novel, Of Mice & Men, brings attention to the right for the intellectually disabled, which has been a problem in the United States and in China.

In this book Lennie is a character who suffers with an intellectual disability. Often times we see Lennie in a vulnerable state, do to his child like mind set he endures a lot of spiteful words and he often doesn 't understand or have a complex reaction. John Steinbeck included an interaction in the story Of Mice and Men involving three character 's: Lennie, George, and The Boss. Within this interaction George verbally tells The Boss that Lennie isnt much of a talker, shortly after he is told this he begins to force…

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