Analysis Of The Novel ' Holden Caulfield ' Essay

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1. In most cases, the dynamic character of the novel is the protagonist. In this case, it is the same for this novel. Holden Caulfield is the main character of The Catcher in the Rye and he develops quite a lot throughout the novel. Most of these changes that he goes through are abstruse to realize at first glance but at further inspection, you realize that Holden matures a lot throughout the novel. Holden begins off as an eleventh grader in high school who attends Penecy Prep. He is then kicked out of the school because he was failing nearly all of his classes. However, despite going through such a bad experience, he does not seem to worry about it as much as someone else would. Although he is sad about it, you would expect a student to react more if they were kicked out of their high school. Maybe he does not react too much because this was his fourth school that he was being kicked out of. Holden Caulfield had such a negative idea about nearly everything in his life except for his siblings, who he truly cares about. Holden thinks that instead of blaming himself, he should blame the school because then in his mind, he would not seem that bad. There are similar situations like this where Holden will blame others to cover his own mistakes. This thinking of his changes throughout the novel. During the beginning of the novel, Holden does not care about anything, and thinks life will keep going through this meaningless route for him. However, throughout the novel this changes.…

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