Analysis Of The Movie ' Uglies ' By Scott Westerfeld Essay

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This novel Uglies by Scott Westerfeld focuses on the protagonist Tally and the antagonist Dr. Cable, who are citizens in a futuristic society that takes place 300 years from now in a city. In the second half of the novel, Tally finally reaches the Smoke. However, she does not call Dr. Cable to tell her she has arrived safely, instead she starts to like the Smoke. Tally throws her communicating device in the fire and instead of it demolishing, it activates releasing her location to Dr. Cable without her knowing. When Tally finds David at the Smoke he introduces her to his parents Maddy and Az. She learns from them that this surgery alters the brain, causing brain lesions. After a while when Tally starts to enjoy the Smoke, Special Circumstances arrives and arrests all the people at the Smoke. Tally and David secretly escape to rescue Maddy, Av and the others. However, when they arrive, Shay transforms into pretty and Av is dead. Meanwhile, Maddy discovers a cure for brain lesions and Tally agrees to have the surgery done to test the cure. The theme of conformity is evident in the novel. People who like themselves the way they are totally forget that and just do what they are told, instead of making their own decisions. The theme, revolution begins with rebellion is portrayed in the novel. Once Tally finds out that the government is doing wrong, she immediately wanted to change this.

In the novel, people are blindly following all the commandments of the government even though…

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