Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wedding ' Essay

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A love-scorned bachelor fearful of losing his best party pal decides to sabotage his friend’s wedding.

OLLIE (30’s) a teacher and a confirmed bachelor likes to party with his best friend TYLER. Ollie has a phobia against weddings; his own wedding never worked out.
When Tyler gets engaged to JENNY, Ollie fears losing his best friend and his bachelor days. He eventually comes up with the idea of sabotaging Tyler’s wedding. He gains Jenny’s password and arranges for things to go wrong.
In the meantime, Ollie also becomes smitten with a waitress, AVERY, who is studying for the theater and Ollie monitors kids in a detention program while playing hockey.
When the wedding day arrives, the sabotage begins, but Ollie has second thoughts and tries to stop what he has begun, but it’s too late. Jenny is devastated by the wedding disasters and runs out blaming Tyler.
Tyler learns that Ollie sabotaged the wedding. Ollie loses his best friend, Avery, and he even gets kicked off his hockey team.
Ollie seeks redemption and arranges a spectacular wedding for Tyler and Jenny. Ollie reunites with Avery. Ollie’s ready to move on with his life and grow up.

THE BACHEOR KING is a comedy that reminds one of the well-received film, MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING. In this case a love-scorned bachelor fearful of losing his best friend and his party pal, decides to sabotage his wedding to preserve their bachelor days. It’s certainly a plotline that has merit and the…

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