Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Real Eve '

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1. After watching all seven parts of the documentary "The Real Eve", please describe the route(s) that the earliest humans took out of Africa and how humans eventually arrived on several continents, as explained in the documentary. Please include a minimum of SIX specific countries, bodies of water, continents, OR other locations referred to in the video--SIX locations total.
There are two possible routes that the earliest humans took out of Africa. One was North of the Red Sea across the Sues and into the Middle East but this route would have been less successful due to the fact that they would have had to cross the Sahara Desert where it was drier than it is today. The other route was more probable and more successful and it was started on the west coast of the Red Sea on the African side. The earliest humans would have had to cross the sea, named the “gates of grief,” by crossing on islands and reefs as stepping stones coming over into Yemen. Some choose to say in the gulf of Aden and waited for the climate to change. Their descendants would become the people of the middle east and spread north into Europe later on. Others continued their journey and would go on to the South Arabian Coast into India. Continuing to move East along the coast to the Indian Ocean they would then reach their way to Malaysia. From Malaysia, they would travel across the sea to Australia. Other groups continued through Asia into China beyond. Other groups traveled from North India past the…

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