Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Impossible '

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The Impossible is a movie about a family who travels to Thailand on the day before Christmas for celebration. But little do they know the massive nightmare that will rise from the depths of the sea; a disaster that will devour everything in its path.
From my personal opinion, this was the second time I watched “The Impossible.” The first time I watched it was when I was in high school, and my perspectives towards the movie are still the same. Watching this movie for the second time really made me realized how difficult it may be to face a natural disaster. Whether it may be from a tsunami to a tornado, these are violent and massive phenomenon that one as a human is absolutely not prepared for. To begin with, my least favorite part of the movie was at the very beginning when the tsunami rushed all through the hotel and the valley of Thailand, were millions of people where settled. The part that I liked best was the end of the movie, when each of the family members reunited safe and sound and where able to get on a plane to flight back to their home town.
Regarding the strong emotional connection this movie has, it must have impacted not just me but the million of viewers that watched it. Of the many feelings expressed in the film, the feeling that I was most familiar with was that in time of need or crisis it doesn’t matter where we come from. We will unite as one. The strongest emotion I felt when watching this movie was the many lives that were lost. We all know how…

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