Analysis Of The Movie ' The Collusion ' Essay

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The Collusion in Payatas There is a quote written by Karl Marx saying “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” However, in the great collapse of trash in the Philippines, even though situations like these have occurred previously in history it took time to realize that everyone has to do something about this problem to avoid the trash avalanches. Everyone in Quezon City thought as this situation as a something that would pass by at first then as tragedy. It took them time to realize that this problem is more serious than they thought. This problem has gotten collectively worse over the years, and the collusion has happened because of the long-term effect. The government had not helped much with the situation in the actual time that this event has occurred. However, some years later the government has stepped up with other international organizations, to help the people living in the difficult conditions. This event happened in Quezon City, which is in the Philippines. The Payatas trash dump was where the trash avalanche killed hundreds of people. The reason why the trash pile grew so big and is still growing is because of the government’s incomplete work. The trash dump is where most of the poverty live and use it to survive. The trash dump provides the lower classes an opportunity to make money, in order to survive. The poor people do not earn a lot of money for their scavenging abilities, and therefore poverty is becoming a bigger…

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