Analysis Of The Movie ' The Black ' And Holden 's ' Cabin ' Essays

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In Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the woods, five college students arrive at a cabin to vacation for the weekend, unaware of the horrific events that lie ahead. Each character portrayed a standard character type in the beginning of the film, but as the film continues the audience learns more about each character and their true identity. Curt “The Athlete”, Jules “The Whore”, Marty “The Fool”, Dana “The Virgin” and Holden “The Scholar” all play the leading roles. The film is set-up as the stereotypical “slasher film.” The horrific event is induced by the past and conflict is between a fictional antagonist and a group of teenagers, which includes two girls, one is a virgin and her best friend is a whore. Each character portrays a certain archetype in the beginning of the film, but as the plot unfolds, the revelation of their true archetype changes the events in the film. The unveiling of the plot is coordinated by two lead scientists who record and control the events in the cabin. In the end, this tweaking of the “slasher film” by the scientists creates an alternate and more horrific ending. In the first scene of the movie, the audience meets one of the main characters of the film, Dana. She walks through her room packing for the trip wearing only a t-shirt and panties. She has drawing posted all around her room, including one that she seemed to hold dearly, which was the one of her professor. When her best friend Jules walks in, the audience sees that Dana’s very shy and timid.…

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