Analysis Of The Minority Report By Philip K Dick

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The name of the story is “The Minority Report” written by Philip K Dick. In this story, we see lots of things that change the perspective regarding the moral beliefs. That is exactly what the protagonist Anderton did, he was following his moral beliefs but it also depends on the situation. So, this paper will see if Anderton following the moral beliefs or not through his perspective regarding moral and social.
Anderton wants to change everything the way he wants or the way he thinks that it is right. he does not care what he does before at that moment he changes everything the way he wants. That is what he did in the “minority report”. In the article, the reader saw how he trying to prove that his personal safety is more important than anything
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He is not following any moral beliefs, he follows what he loves. As mention, “You are acquainted with the theory of precrime, of course, I presume we can take that for granted” (p 45).it shows that he does not care what his real moral beliefs but he is just doing the opposite what as a reader thinks he should be doing. He describes that if you know the precrime system then you can do whatever you want in life. you do not care about the other person but if it happens to you then you should always see what is right or wrong instead of following the system. Another point proves that he is not following the moral beliefs when he was ready to kill Kaplan because he wants to prove minority report as wrong. As he mentions, “they have got the minority report they say I’ve changed my mind {…}But I’m going to murder Kaplan anyhow” (page 57). This proves that he wants to change the people’s point of view regarding the minority report instead of doing something that the police leave him and also everyone believes in the precrime system so that it can prevent the crime in …show more content…
In the story, it says that I am proud. Thirty years ago I worked out the theory-back in the days when the self-seekers were thinking in terms of quick raids on the stock market. I saw something legitimate ahead-something tremendous social value” (p 46). He trying to prove that he does not care about money or something else instead he really respect the social value and also care about the legitimate reason instead of going in wrong direction. He kind of follow the theory of right with proves that describe or show the moral beliefs. he is trying to prove that he does not care about money instead he is benefiting the society without caring the money. It proving that he is kind of following the moral values that he has. Throughout the story, it shows that he is really genuine for his belief in society. To believe in society, he was ready to kill Kaplan so that people believe in the precrime system. The reason was that he wants society to believe that there are a society and law. We should believe them whatever they say we should follow them because they care about ourselves, not

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