Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Tami Lloyd '

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In their lives, everyone has someone they “look up to” and admire, but they are not always able to claim that the admired person is unquestionably outstanding. Tami Lloyd is an exception to that rule. She is admired by almost all of the people who have met her. Her admirers hold confidence in knowing that she is an outstanding individual and human being. She started her career at Custom Power Products eighteen years ago at the age of thirty. She worked diligently and helped the people around her, all for the sake of providing a stable income to support her family. Tami has dealt with depression for much of her life. However, she still cares for others and tries to understand how they feel despite having such a difficult time in life herself such as supporting her coworkers through the loss of a loved one. She knows that loss is arduous and helps her coworkers through loss by giving caring statements such as “I’m here for you at any time” and “I understand your loss and want to help you through it.” She does not brag about her accomplishments or put her coworkers down for requiring her help in completing their jobs. She is a responsible, hardworking, and kind employee and does whatever she can to protect the financial safety of her family, such as going on long, far-away business trips, or working overtime. She creates a pleasant feeling in the people around her, through laughter, jokes, and compliments. Even though Tami Lloyd constantly deals with her depression,…

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