Analysis Of The Movie ' Spy Without The Casting Of Melissa Mccarthy

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Casting is a vital part of creating a movie and the director must be involved in the process to bring his or her vision to life. In the case of some movies any actor who fits a general type will be able to fulfill a director’s vision, but in other cases there is only one actor who will work in the role. Both of these situations are reflected in the casting of the protagonists in The Drop and Spy. The movie Spy without the casting of Melissa McCarthy would have lost the impact of the majority of its jokes. McCarthy’s performance as Susan Cooper could not have been replicated by any other actresses. Tom Hardy in The Drop, however, does not offer the same uniqueness. The role of Bob could have been performed by other similar actors and still had the same impact. This is not to say Hardy was unable to bring his own individual style to the role, but he was not the only actor qualified to play the part. Typecasting a character offers the audience familiarity, but it runs the risk potentially creating a character that is unremarkable. Casting begins with the creation of a character and a vision for a movie. According to Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film, casting is “the process of choosing and hiring actors for a movie” (310). While on the surface Melissa McCarthy and Tom Hardy could not be more different, the two actors are often typecast. McCarthy easily falls into the role of the overweight comic relief, and Hardy fits the stereotypical quietly brooding manly man…

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