Analysis Of The Movie ' Pursuit Of Happyness ' Essays

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“Pursuit of Happyness VRA Paper”

The streets of 1980’s San Francisco is no different than being in New York city with the gloominess that lingers. Chris Gardner played by Will Smith, a story about a father living day by day selling machines known as bone density scanners just to get by because of his stupid mistake of investing all his money into a chance. This chance he took is not all bad because he will learn what it is like to make mistakes, take chances and sometimes get lucky in life in the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”. Even when the economy is in a scramble and work is scarce there is always that chance to pursue something that you want but you might have to be able to sacrifice some things in your life to achieve your goal. Chris shows his struggles to move up to the top and shows how giving everything pays off.
The main idea in this movie is to show that getting to the top is not such an easy road since you will hit a few bumps in the road along the way. Sometimes you have to take a chance and at times you just have to get lucky.
Plot summary:
In this story, Chris is struggling to make ends meet, everything from getting evicted from his apartment, losing his vehicle because of unpaid parking tickets, his girlfriend leaving him and to make things worse, him being a single father fending for his child on the streets of San Francisco. Chris shows the hardships he goes through each and every day just to take care of his son and keep him safe on the…

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