Analysis Of The Movie ' Precious ' Essay examples

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This movie starts by introducing Claireece “Precious” Jones, a very miserable 16 year old living in urban Harlem who fantasizes about being “normal”. Her mother, Mary played by Mo’Nique, has a daily routine of watching TV, smoking cigarettes and cruelly oppressing her daughter by treating her like a slave, telling Precious that she wishes she would have abort her, and repeatedly telling her that she is nothing. The psychological abuse and manipulation is only underlying to the physical and sexual abuse that this character has endured, Precious is pregnant again for the second time by her father and is on the verge of being kicked out of school. It is not a single isolated incident, as we have learned in class, but a pattern of psychologically destructive behaviors that intensify the scars of the sexual abuse. The part I found interesting were the vivid fantasies that Precious reaches in her mind as an escape from reality, a photo album she keeps hidden and her reflection in the mirror as someone else. These visualizations of being a movie star or supermodel, although relief valves that she has created as a coping mechanism, are still sexual icons.
Precious’ character continues to be reduced and stripped by the ones who are supposed to love her; she states that there is “always something in the way” until she gets a visit from her principal who offers her a chance to enroll in an alternative school. Her mother is hostile and threatened by the visit, but Precious…

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