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A is for Alone. Precious feels alone throughout the book. She is forced to take care of herself after moving out but even when she lives with her mom no one is there for her. She does not have family to care for her.

B is for Baby. Precious has given birth to two babies. Her first child suffers from down syndrome and is raised by Precious’s grandma. Precious is pregnant with a second child she names Abdul. She wants Abdul to have a good life and does her best to give him everything he needs.

C is for Claireece Precious Jones. Claireece goes by her middle name Precious. She does not like her first name, Claireece. Precious is the main character, the book follows her journey.

D is for Dad. Precious’s dad is father of her children. Precious’s
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On numerous occasions Precious is threatened to be killed by her mother. Her mother is jealous that her boyfriend and Precious’s dad wants Precious. When Precious is raped her mother thinks Precious wants it.
L is for Love. At the beginning of the book no one loves Precious but that changes as her story progresses. Ms.Rain is the first to love precious, she shows how everyone is special and encourages her students to make a better outcome for themselves.

M is for Mama. Precious is physically and mentally abused by her mother. Her mother reminds her daily she is worthless and doesn’t deserve to live. While Precious was raped by her father she was jealous. Precious’s mother steals Precious and tries to keep her from moving on and leaving her.

N is for Ninth grade. Precious is suppose to be graduating but since she was expelled for being pregnant and can only read at a eighth grade level she is still a freshman. When the school finds out Precious is pregnant with her second child she is again expelled.

O is for Out. Precious is looking for a way out of her bad life. She wants to have her G.E.D and have a good life for her son, Abdul. Precious finds strength in these things while trying to escape her
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Many of the students that attend Higher Education Alternative with Precious come from an underprivileged life. They suffer in poverty and abuse. However all of them attend this school hoping to longer be categorized as ‘underprivileged’.

V is for Vaccinate. There is no way to vaccinate for the HIV virus that leads to AIDS. When Precious’s father dies from AIDS she learns she is a carrier for HIV. This makes her nervous that Abdul might also suffer.

W is for Welfare. Precious is suppose to be receiving welfare for Mongo and Abdul but her mother collects it for her. Precious needs that support to raise her children and to survive. Precious fights her mother to be able to receive the money.

X is for X-ray. Precious is kicked many times in the head by her mother. This could cause serious damage to her skull. Precious should 've gotten an x-ray to asses to damage.

Y is for Yapping. Precious thinks Ms.Rain is just yapping when she first arrives at the alternative school. When Precious really starts listening she learns how to make her life better. Ms.Rain’s ‘Yapping’ becomes the reason Precious earns her G.E.D.

Z is for Zeal. Precious has zeal for life, her babies, and her education. By the end of the book she shows passion for all these things. She is able to push her past behind her and look for a bright

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