Analysis Of The Movie ' Precious And ' Essay

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I watched the movie Precious and had to evaluate the movie after currently watching it. This movie was not easy to watch a young woman who is living in poverty with her mother while attending school. In Precious’s world there have been three identified risk factors and three protective factors that have impacted her life. The three identified risk factors of Precious’s life have been her relationship with her mother, previous trauma, and her living situation. Precious and her mother do not have a strong relationship. Her mother was physically and verbally abusive towards her instead of providing her with the love and care that she needed. Precious’s relationship with her mother could have been a problem on how she interacts with her own children. Precious’s mother would call her name and physically harm her, which pushed her trust away from their relationship.
Another risk factor is the previous trauma in her life. Precious was raped by her biological father and bared two children by her father. With her history of these traumatic events, it can have an impact on the type of men that Precious dates or let into her life. Precious then started to develop a negative image of her father in which she does not trust him. In the movie, Precious would have constant flashbacks about her being raped by her father in which she denied her relationship with him and she did not want to be around her father. She did not want her children to know him, nor for him to be a part of their…

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