Analysis Of The Movie ' Lord Of War ' Essay

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The film Lord of War tells the story of a man named Yuri Orlov, whose newfangled interest in weapons lures him and his brother into the dangerous realm of international arms dealing. Despite the emphasis on theatrics and suspense, the film focuses heavily on the ethical dilemmas that Yuri faces as he builds a life derived from his amassed wealth. While his thoughts may be hard to fully decipher at any given point in the movie, the ethical dilemmas he faces and how he is seen handling them provide insight into his character. To better understand Yuri and the ethical issues he finds himself engulfed in, his choices, their ramifications, and the identity he aligns himself with will be discussed. In addition, my interpretation of ethics in the film and how his decisions correlate with common ways of thinking will be analyzed and tied in with the elements of ethical decisions. Focal points in the discussion about Yuri’s behavior include various ethical perspectives, self-awareness, and the innate ability for individuals to recognize right from wrong. While many would spend no time debating the morality of international weapons trading, it is clear that some individuals not only make a profit in this industry, but also see nothing wrong with it. With differing mindsets present in the discussion, we see how Yuri initially finds himself involved in the industry. From the very beginning, his desire for financial success trumps the sad reality of his behavior – innocent people die…

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