Analysis Of The Movie ' Little Miss Sunshine ' Essay

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In “Little Miss Sunshine”, Olive’s teenage brother, Dwayne, has a very interesting characteristic in the movie. He had a strong personality such as he felt disgust about everybody and also he had high motivation to reach his goal. For example, he had a dream which is accepting by the flight school and leave away from his family. In order to reach his goal, Dwayne has been physical training and has not spoken nearly for a year. However, when he realized that he could not be a pilot because he is a color-blind and at the same time, he lost his grandfather, Dwayne felt frustrated and almost lost his faith for future. Although he been through many crises at the same time, he finally found out what his value while helping his young sister Olive through completion of Little Miss Sunshine.
In Adlerian Theory, inferiority can be divided into primary feelings of inferiority and secondary feelings of inferiority (Neukrug, 2011). Primary feelings of inferiority address about the general feeling of low self-confidence which is more universal and nature (Neukrug, 2011). On the other hand, secondary feelings of inferiority are more related to psychological problems which may cause depress and oppressive (Neukrug, 2011). In “Little Miss Sunshine”, Dwayne experienced both Primary feelings of inferiority and secondary feelings of inferiority. For instance, when he was obsessive to his training plan and only focus on one specific goal, it may represent that he feels that he may not be good…

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