Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Juror '

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Observe Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) as the leader. In the movie, Juror #8 is able to persuade his fellow jurors to change their opinions. Based on what you have learned in class, describe the leadership style he uses to do this. Present your analysis providing evidence from the film to support your position. The leadership style Fonda adopted at the beginning was the S3 or participating style according to the Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory. Through this method, Fonda focused his time and effort to create a relationship among the jury and placed less focus on giving directions. He was firm in crafting a productive discussion about the boy rather than attacking the jurors who disagreed with him. He did not put focus on why he believed the boy was innocent. Rather, he wanted the jury to discuss the case with an opened-mind before determining a verdict. A few of the jurors were troubled with his opinion, but Fonda remained calm and collected throughout the movie believing that they “owe him a few words.” His approach played a vital role in persuading some of the other jurors to side with him over juror #3. Although this participating method was ultimately successful in creating open dialogue, there was resistance from certain jurors.
Throughout the movie, Fonda displayed remarkable listening skills and worked endlessly to cooperate with the jury even when he didn’t agree with their vote. This was evident when he was questioning the other jurors to…

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