Analysis Of The Movie ' Gone With The Wind ' Essay

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In the film Ethnic Notions, African-Americans were poorly portrayed in many different forms of negative stereotypes from the past. These stereotypes were that of a mammy, coon, Uncle Tom, sambo, pickaninnys, and the brute. Even though these racist caricatures were popular in the past unfortunately some forms of them still exist today. The mammy was portrayed as black older woman who was fat, obedient,eager, and loyal. Furthermore, she was not the most attractive lady “never evoked sexual attention because she would be seen as a threat to the mistress and disrupt the functionality of the household” (Riggs 1987). In the movie “Gone with the Wind” Hattie Mcdaniel earned an Oscar for her portrayal of the faithful mammy” (Wilson, Guitierrez & Chao, 2013). A modern-day example of the mammy can be seen in the Tyler Perry Madea movies. A mammy is usually viewed as an asexual character who works to make sure everyone else is okay. Often times in the Madea movies, Madea is always trying to help someone else out and also offers her advice. Although she does not wear a bandana or work for white families, she is fat and dark-skinned. She is also the head of her family seeing that there was no father figure present.
The coon is an African American who is typically known as a sell out to their community. In Ethnic Notions, they are portrayed as happy, buffoon, who is trying to act as if they are white. A modern-day representation of this would be Carlton Banks on Fresh Prince of…

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