Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Girl Interrupted '

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Girl Interrupted is a film that was based on a few young ladies that were in a mental institution. Some of them were Polly, which was diagnosed suffering of schizophrenia and depression, despite her happy demeanor. Georgina said it was to 'burn away ' the rash, but then again she was a pathological liar. Cynthia was severely depressed; Lisa stated she was a lesbian, which until mid 1970’s homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Lisa was misdiagnosed sociopath, meaning lack of empathy. She was misdiagnosed and is most likely bipolar, but her misdiagnoses led to more mental health issues. Sociopaths are usually very charming, but show lack of empathy for others they tend to act out, but appear cold and composed in a tragedy like Daisy 's suicide. Lisa 's breakdown at the end demonstrates her ability to show love and regret, she was misdiagnosed. Daisy was obsessive-compulsive disorder, along with some psychological trauma due to her incestuous relationship with her father. Her hoarding of the chicken leftovers, and fixations with her fathers cooked chicken. Georgina, she states she 's a pathological liar. Georgina tells overly grand lies numerous times "My father is in the CIA" (Kaysen, 1999) and Susanna Kaysen was diagnosed with borderline-personality disorder. According to Gunderson (2009) pg. 530 before 1970 “borderline” was an analyzable condition compare to psychoses.
Susanna Kaysen was admitted to McLean Hospital, in Belmont, Massachusetts, after attempting…

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