Analysis Of The Movie ' Get Hard Directed ' And ' The New Racism '

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Changes in the mass media production has been a huge factor in reshaping the public’s perceptions towards African Americans. In the article, “Hegemony in Black and White: Interracial Buddy Films and the New Racism” Artz states, such public perceptions have been reinforced, if not developed, by mass media images of real and fictional successful African Americans.1 There has been a “new” racism embodied in the mass media culture that cotes over the actual realities of cultural differences. This “new” racism was incorporated in the movie Get Hard directed by Etan Cohen. The two main characters of the movie, James King portrayed by Will Ferrell and Darnell Lewis portrayed by Kevin Hart were characterized as racial stereotypes but not so much where it was out there and completely evident to the viewers. James was presented as a typical rich and oblivious white person along with Darnell who was exhibited with distinct black cultural identifiers in language, style, and attitude.2 According to Artz, these characteristic assist in attracting the resistive black audiences.

In the movie, a cogent scene where racial stereotype was conspicuous, was when James simply assumed that Darnell had already been to prison because of the way he presented himself. When Darnell asked James “what makes you think I went to prison”? He replied saying “It’s simple, statistical analysis is what I do. One out of three black men will find themselves incarcerated during their lifetime.” This was one of…

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