Analysis Of The Movie ' Drop Dead Diva ' Essay

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Drop Dead Diva is a TV comedy show produced by Lifetime, an A&E Network channel, and broadcast between 2009 and 2014. The following paragraphs will paraphrase necessary information to analyze from all seasons of the show. The story is about Deb Dobkins who was killed in car accident get a second chance to come back alive in another body -- Jane Bingum. Deb’s lover, Grayson Kent, works in the same law firm with Jane; however, Jane is not permitted to share her true identity to anyone. In the later season, she met Owen French, a judge in the courthouse and fell in love with him. At the wedding of Jane and Owen, Jane and Grayson kissed while Owen saw what happened and caused a heart attack. Deb/ Jane, Grayson, and Owen are the main characters in the show. I will analyze the relationship between Jane, Grayson, and Owen. Their relationship is complicated. At the beginning of the show, Deb’s soul resurfaced in Jane’s body. Nevertheless, Jane works in the same law firm with Grayson. Deb was in love with Grayson, and once she becomes Jane, she had to put down her old life as Deb. On the other hand, Grayson was in deep mourning about Deb’s death. Grayson loves Deb so much that he is willing to do anything to bring back Deb. Jane wanted to share her true identity to someone, but she was forbidden. In her heart, she wanted to restore the relationship with Grayson that Deb had. She loves him. As Grayson does not know Jane is Deb, Jane had to figure ways to make Grayson fall in love…

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