Analysis Of The Movie ' D.w Griffith ' Essays

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D.W Griffith was a sophisticated film maker who knew exactly how to tell the story he wanted to tell, and was able to control his audience 's thoughts and emotions precisely. He developed a great sense of aesthetic over the course of directing 455 films, and A Birth of a Nation is one of his greatest examples of expert filmmaking. Even though the film is riddled with racist and evil themes, A Birth of a Nation is still considered a great film and learning tool today. One of the most striking aesthetic choices D.W Griffith made in the film is the unconvincing use of white actors in blackface. A character that stood out to me during the first act was the republican senators housekeeper played by Mary Alden. It’s very visually jarring to look at her because of the way they made her eyes bug out and her lips seem to remain in a frightening sneer. She looks evil and scary, witch is exactly what Griffith wanted to portray. For this reason he was successful in his use of aesthetic choices because he effectively portrays the black maid how he wishes the audience to perceive her.
Another aesthetic choice I noticed in the first act was Griffiths choice to pan from the two men talking, to the dogs at the Cameron Hall masters feet. We also have a clear view of the cat in his arms. This choice was clearly deliberate in telling us that these animals are the focus of this scene, not the two men. So what is Grifith trying to tell us? From studying this scene I have come to my own…

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