Analysis Of The Movie ' Blackface Comedy ' Essay

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Blackface comedy was one of the popular forms of entertainment in the United States in the nineteenth century, and early twentieth century. The white audiences at that time enjoyed watching minstrel show characters, imitating black people. During that time, black people were not allowed to share the stage with white people because of segregation. Despite being popular, Minstrel shows were controversial and derogatory, which dehumanizes black people. Blackface conjures and perpetuates the history of white actors darkening their skin to humiliate, and down cast the black population. In Minstrel shows, white people masked themselves as black people, and portrayed the stereotypical characters of African Americans. The exaggeration of such stereotypes showed the white supremacy and racial discrimination. The characters in blackface depicted black people as slaves by portraying them as sexual objects and violent creatures. Blackface disgraced black children and women, and deprived them of their basic human rights. Minstrel shows portrayed black slaves inaccurately as lacking of intelligence and promoted black’s mental capabilities inferior to whites. As the dominant group in society, whites disregarded the norms and values of African Americans. Blackface described slavery as natural tradition prevalent in the United States. According to Scott Herring, “ While it was organized around the quite explicit ‘borrowing’ of black cultural materials for white dissemination, a borrowing…

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