Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Babies ' By Thomas Calls

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When you hear the term “babies” the first thing that comes to mind is a helpless innocent infant. A child that has to depend upon their mother for this first year of survival and assistance with development not only physically but socially and cognitively. Thomas Blames provides us with a documentary film that allows us to walk every footstep with 4 different babies as they progress from infant to toddler. Blames provides us with a unique experience within his film which is a silent film that targets the audience mind to focus now on only the actually actions of the child and not the verbal communication being disputed. By creating a silent film, Blames blocks out the aspects of judgement of verbal discussion between the child and active influences around them. Within the film we enter into the lives of 4 babies Bayarjargal from Mongolia, Hattie from San Francisco, Ponijao from Namibia, and Mari from Tokyo. Each child’s background is different whether that come from a developed country or a developing country. Regardless of the fact that they come from 4 different parts of the world they all experience the same experience yet diffusion each situation different using the techniques and skills they live from their environment. Babies not only allows you observe the development of the child but the variations of parental involvement from different cultures. Just as a permissive parent 's love may be more open like Ponijao and Bayarjargal’s mothers, mother’s of Hattie and…

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