Analysis Of The Movie ' Amelia ' Essay

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Synopsis: Amelia life seems pretty perfect to her at least till a tragic accident happens that turns everything upside down. Amelia discovers that many secrets have been kept from her and realizes maybe her life was not so perfect after all.
Theme: My theme is coming out of your comfort zone.
Amelia Rose Elbridge is an over privileged young adult who was always taught to be very humble. Amelia is almost eighteen years old and has been homeschooled her whole life.
Emmett Orson is Amelia’s best friend who basically grew up with Amelia because his parents are very close to hers
Laura Elbridge is Amelia’s aunt who is snobby and is bitter towards her sister (Amelia’s mother) because their parent left her everything in their passing. She has always been taken care of but is overly greedy and wants all the money for herself.
Taylor Johnson is Amelia’s birth mother. She about 34 years old and is very sweet.
Michael Orson is Emmett’s father (involved in very little part of the whole novel)
Daniel Orson is Emmett’s mother (involved in very little part of the whole novel)
Chapter One: Flash forward & Present
This chapter will be talking about an earlier scene where Amelia is lost and the story will lead up to how she got there. It will start as a look into the future to pull the reader into wanting to read. Then this chapter will describe her present life and how she became this way.
Chapter Two: The Accident
Amelia’s mother is put into the hospital. Something is revealed…

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