The Minute Amina Analysis

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Amina’s life significantly revolves around the feminist theory. Amina is young girl from Afghanistan whose life was paved for her because of her gender. The Minute Amina was born, she would have a life of inequality and rejection ahead of her. Her hopes, dreams, goals would became nothing but the fragment of an imagination since she was powerless. Shackled to follow into her what her parent’s want. Her freedom, childhood/innocence was destroyed the minute her parents married her off at a young age and used the money to buy her brother a car. Meaning that her life was just as equal to a piece of machinery that would make it easier for her brother to travel. That was the case after all, many women in Afghanistan only live to make the lives of …show more content…
This is the same case for many families living in Afghanistan since girls are seen as lesser than and as an economic liability since they are often viewed as nothing but wives to be whom will leave their families behind. Meanwhile, boys are seen as hardworking and are expected to support their parents/family when older. Meaning that there is a common misconception that girls are unable to be in the workplace and work alongside men since they are either too fragile and “dumb” as if it’s in their biology to only care after the family and perform tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Therefore, many women are not given a chance to prove their knowledge since at first impression they are turned away. Not only that but when many families in Afghanistan have girls, they view it as a burden. Therefore, many families are quick to sell their daughter into marriages since they view it as a way that the daughter can make herself useful by looking after her husband. Furthermore, this is a reason why many regions of Afghanistan do not provide education for women since they think it’s a waste of time because it is expected that women are going to spend their entire lives looking after her husband and children. Therefore, these regions do not value the importance of education for women/girls and feel that it’s a “man’s place” to work outside of the home. However, this is incorrect because educating girls improves the society as a whole since it will make productive members who are well educated. Woman should not have to be forced to follow in the direction of life which was paved from them since birth. Although there are many equalities between genders in Afghanistan, the only way to overcome this issue is by standing up to the odds and fighting for your rights. It might not come from the first try but the efforts will build up and make a

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