Analysis Of The Interview ' A Story Of A Murder ' Essay

800 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Anh Ho
Mr. Zisk
Soc 300 - 9AM
Assignment 4
What led Sherie to commit a serious crime? Imagine the world without the law. All crime including breaking and entering houses, rape, murder, and so on will be legal. There would be a severe chaos worldwide. For this reason, people need the law to put everything in order. On the sociological aspects, the term deviance refers to any violation of norms. Symbolic interactionists have developed several theories to explain deviance such as crime. In the interview “A story of a murder”, Sherie has told everyone about her crime. Throughout her story, we can see many different sociological theories have been used to explain her crime. In essence, the most important theory used to describe her story is differential association theory. According to this theory, the environment plays a huge role in deciding which norms people learn to violate. More simply, from the different groups people associate with, they learn to deviate from or conform to society’s norms. In this case, family means a lot to Sherie. Unfortunately, she lacked of early education at home. Her family didn’t teach her how to do right things, and they didn’t care about her as well. Therefore, she could do whatever she wants including inappropriate things because no one actually cares about her. In addition, the friends she associated with are also important. Sherie couldn’t get higher education at school since she didn’t have any motivation to study. So, she would rather hang…

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