Analysis Of The Impeachment Of Bill Clinton Essay

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Through examining the political environment before, during, and after the impeachment of Bill Clinton, one can see the changes - both temporary and permanent - made in our government and to Clinton’s legacy. It’s always important as a president to have the nation’s support, whether that means they’re at your back or under your desk. To properly evaluate these effects, one must look at important points such as the approval ratings over time, the policies of president Clinton, and his final year as president. Born William Jefferson Blythe III, Clinton’s young life was spent in Arkansas with his widowed mother and nurse, Virginia Cassidy Blythe, two years with his grandparents, Eldridge and Edith Cassidy, His strict grandparents were the reason for his commitment to learning from a young age, and his mother’s nursing background nurturing the importance of caring for others. This is evident in his later attempts to reinforce education and protect the jobs of parents caring for sick children, and to strengthen environmental rules. In late 1950, Clinton’s mother remarried to a man named Roger Clinton, William taking his stepfather’s last name. As their marriage continued, Roger’s drinking and abuse only grew, disgruntling the young William to the point that he was forced to stand for his mother and younger half brother. The abuse stopped, and Virginia divorced Roger in 1962. Once again, this willingness to stand up for peace is seen through his administration, the U.S. having…

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