Analysis Of The Garland, Jones, And Kolodny Model Of Group Stages

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The following paper is an analysis and comparison of the group process. The paper will discuss similarities between the stages of the Garland, Jones, and Kolodny Model of group stages (Zastrow, 2015). The paper will also discuss and define recruitment, human behavior theories, family dynamics, group behavior, group dynamics, group process, problem solving, oppression, diversity, and values and ethics, as well as implications of generalist practice social work as they are used in the film, Remember the Titans. In the film Remember the Titans, the plot clearly and almost perfectly follows the model of the group process from beginning to end. The film is based on the true story of T.C. Williams High School, and takes place in Virginia in 1971. T.C. Williams was one of the first high schools in its area to be integrated (Yakin , "Remember the Titans"). The film tells the story of how the high school’s football team, the Titans, came together as a team and the story follows the Garland, Jones, and Kolodny model of the group process perfectly.
Recruitment when used in the context of groups means to find new members who have interest in joining the group and meet the requirements necessary for joining the group. When the film first begins it starts with the recruitment of Coach Boone, shortly after Coach Boone accepts the position we see recruitment again when Coach Boone asks former head Coach Yoast to stay on as the assistant Coach of the team. Then again…

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