Analysis Of ' The First Impact Of Heaven ' Essay examples

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“Christianity feels like a mind trap from which Craig longs to escape (PowerPoint).” It is because of all of the negative experiences that Craig has throughout the novel that make him want to escape. He uses many escaping techniques throughout the novel. It is because of all of the negative things that have an impact on Craig. One of these negative thing about Christianity for Craig is heaven.
The first impact of heaven we see on Craig is towards the beginning of the story. Craig is in third grade and just starting to learn about heaven. The teacher is telling them about how life is not always fair and that our bodies are only temporary. Craig thinks to himself “at that moment I knew what I wanted... I wanted Heaven. And I grew up STRIVING for that world- an eternal world- that would was away my TEMPORARY misery (51-52).” This gives us a hopeful start to the story. This will start his journey of Craig trying to find himself and what God wants him to do with his life. It seems like Craig can do it but soon the troubles set in that will make it hard for him to accomplish his goals. Craig is trying to figure out what to do with his life and he has a flashback. Craig is in Sunday school talking about what they will be doing in heaven. Craig says “drawing.” The teacher does not like this example and tells him that in heaven, we won’t get distracted. She also tells him that our time will be devoted to praising and worshiping God. Craig says that he doesn’t like to sing and…

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