Running Towards The Truth: Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Running Towards The Truth

Would you choose a new car, good job position, and a high quality life or would you choose to give it all up for a journey in the wild to discover the truth? Christopher Johnson McCandless chose ultimate freedom and truth rather than security and material excess. The story Into the Wild is written by Jon Krakauer and it covers how Christopher lived for two years without the need of society and material excess. Chris journey enlightened him to the truth and made him feel the raw throb of existence. By mistaking people as part of society, not as part of God creation and natural will, he suffers and eventually dies. The journalist Jon Krakauer found a relation between himself and explains that the main reason behind
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Growing up he saw his parents fight with one another, was oppressed, disrespected and insulted. As mentioned in page 64 it made him in a need to walk away. Furthermore, during one of his summer trips, he figured out that his father has a secret family and that caused him further pain. He came back and started college at Emory University, but he became isolated and rarely interacted with his peers. He believed that his journey would change everything. It was to be a get away from the source of pain and misery. In page 22, Chris wanted to leave his parents and peers because he felt he lived in a world of abstraction and security and material excess; a world in which he felt cut off from the raw throb of existence. Also in page 63 Borah, one of the people he encountered during his journey says, “it was pretty obvious he didn’t get along with his family.” His journey to Chris is not just a journey that one can enjoy nature, but one in which he could find truth and heal his inner conflicts that had been caused by his …show more content…
He burned his identities, social security, and made a 24,000-dollar financial contribution to one of the charities. Then he changed his name to Alex Supertramp and was ready to live an entirely new life. During his walk to his journey, a guy called Gallien was driving in George Parks Highway stopped to give him a ride. Gallien says in page 4 that Chris did not carry a lot of food or equipment to be ready for such a trip. It seems as if Alex wanted to prove that originally we belong in nature and there is no need for many materials in order to live in the wild because almost every necessity can be found in

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