Analysis Of The Film ' Rise Of Planet Of The Apes ' Essay

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Genetic engineering is seen as a new form of scientific discipline that enables scientists to insert specific genes into plants or animals. Genetic engineering interesting on its own, combines genes from totally dissimilar species in combinations that are not achievable using conventional breeding methods. Genes from an animal can be put into a plant in attempt to improve its intrinsic nature. To the general public, genetic engineering is seen as an excellent idea since it allows humans to make changes to plants in addition to animals that are beneficial to sustaining our own health and standards of living. Furthermore, genetic engineering has also improved food production in consuming less time to produce more products to feed the substantially growing population. It has become popular because scientists claim that it will reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides. The film "Rise of Planet of the Apes" illustrates the idea of genetic engineering on animals and although the notion is science fiction it depicts the advantages it has on society.
Applications of biotechnology, including genetic engineering, have become well accepted by the general public in the last ten years (...). As this holds mainly for medical uses through the transfer of human genes to micro-organisms, it has become possible to manufacture what is needed. The pharmaceutical industry is benefiting greatly from this technology but the effects remain hidden from the public. Drawbacks of…

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