Pros And Cons Of Genetic Modification

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Gene modification is the process of altering the DNA of a living organism such as humans. CRISPR-cas 9 is a genome editing tool where scientist and doctors remove, add, or alter sections of the DNA sequence. It has the capability to treat chronic diseases, create designer babies, and improve the quality of life. Therefore, doctors should be allowed to perform gene modifications on humans.
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2012 “one hundred and seventeen million people in America had one or more chronic health conditions.” Chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and myopia are deadly diseases that are heritable conditions. Meaning that these diseases are capable of being passed down from one generation to
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However, with the establishment of CRISPR system heritable diseases can stop spreading. This new invention disrupts a specific gene by editing the DNA of a human. Therefore, it can help to minimize the number of people who are affected by chronic health conditions and die yearly due to chronic diseases. In a recent study, two children with an “inherited disorder of the immune system”; a disease that lacks immune cells to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi, underwent gene editing. Several days after the procedure, doctors began seeing results in their patients. The patients were no longer having diarrhea and skin rashes, which are the symptoms of the disease. After a days in the hospital the patients were able to go home and enjoy “normal growth and psychomotor development.”.(U.S National Library of Science 1). The transfer and modification of the gene was …show more content…
Scientist in China have already begun experimenting with embryos of humans and dogs. Using the CRISPR system, scientist deleted a gene from a beagle’s embryo called myostatin. Myostatin blocks muscle production and by cutting the gene the beagle’s body could produce extra muscle.(The Telegraph) After the experiment was performed, the female dog showed physical difference. For instance, the beagle “displayed obvious muscular phenotype” in her thigh muscles that were very large compared to a normal beagle. The gene modification of myostatin successfully worked with no repercussions. Scientist in China had decided to experiment on dogs to see how what the effects could be on humans. According to Liangxue Lai, a researcher with the Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, “dogs are very close to humans in terms of metabolic, physiological, and anatomical characteristics.” Therefore, due to the beagle experiment, if gene modifications were allowed on humans, positive results would appear. Hence parents would have the opportunity to pick certain traits for their babies. For instance, if poor eyesight runs in the genes of both parents, perhaps they would like their baby to have excellent eyesight. If gene modification were to be performed on the embryo, then the parents would be able to eliminate the headache of frequently seeing an optometrist and/or purchasing new

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