Analysis Of The Film ' Blow Up ' Essay

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Blow-Up was a 1966 psychological thriller film, produced by Italian producer Carlo Ponti as a British-Italian co- production. The story was adapted from a short story by Julio Cortázar. It was the director’s first film in English and his second experience with color after his 1964 Il Deserto Rosso (Red Desert). In this paper, I would analyze the color palette, the principal locations, supporting characters, directing strategies, and the interesting dialogue of this film. First and foremost, the background color of this film was relatively dark, which ran through the whole film. Usually, using colors could make characters stand out from the background or to create an impressive and memorable scene. The interesting part was that there were always bright colored objects stand out to me and immediately caught my attention in many shots, especially in scenes that taken at the studio. My eyes were always driven to the bright colored props as opposed to the main characters. According to the interview of Antonioni, he said that with Blow-Up he was aiming for a sense of "cold, calculated sensuality." He tried to help capture that feeling by using what he called enhanced or the hardest and most aggressive of colors. It was part of his vision to recreate reality in an abstract form. Secondly, for the principle locations, almost all of the shots were taken at the studio and the park. In fact, there were not many location changes throughout this film. For a long…

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