Analysis Of The Epic Story Of Mr. Kaufmann Essay

1621 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
“Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time.” So begins Enya’s most recognized song, and so, in a way, begins the epic story of Mr. Kaufmann, a High School Forestry teacher who was a carpenter before that, and a student before that.
When I first met Kaufmann, I was immediately struck by his eccentrism and clear passion for his job. He is unheeding of barriers, very loud, and tells many stories. He doesn’t take much bull, and is firm but fair. He often claims to be “Almost fifty with a heart condition,” and yet walks faster than almost every single one of his students. He is average height, balding, and usually looking off into the distance, watching sunrises of deep knowledge soar above the horizon of ignorance. He has a thousand stories to tell, many of them not what you would expect from a teacher- and yet, these are precisely what makes him a good one. These stories stem from a past that held an uncertain and constantly changing future, filled with countless conquests of failure and thousands of hidden successes in the face of defeat. These stories are also the reason I decided to talk about his, as they are interesting beyond compare and probably deserve a novel, rather than a piece dedicated to a certain idea which also just so happens to include Mr. Kaufmann. And still, his story supports this idea, and as such, it is high time to set aside the arbitrary prattlings of introduction, grab an orange vest, and venture into the woods of Mr. Kaufmann’s…

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