Analysis Of ' The Epic Of Gilgamesh ' Essay

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In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu was introduced as a wild animal who is more connected with nature than civilization. He runs and hunts with animals as if he was them. He has no understanding of civilization and what “fully” being human is because he has known nothing but what he is surrounded by. Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis were both ignorant to anything other than what they knew. Both stories show how innocence can be taken away from someone and expose them to things they weren 't aware of, and for these characters this ultimately did not turn out well. Removing someone from their “pure” way of living and exposing them to things can either be their downfall or good can come from it.
Enkidu in The Epic of Gilgamesh was created as Gilgamesh’s equal. He was innocent of mankind. Enkidu would feed off the grass in the hills with wild beasts and drank water with them by the water-holes. Enkidu was considered uncivilized, he wore no clothes and had hair all over him. Enkidu is taken from his nature state he is living in when a harlot seduces him. “When he comes near uncover yourself and lie with him; teach him, the savage man, your woman’s art, for when he murmurs love to you the wild beasts that shared his life in the hills will reject him” The harlot less him like a child from the wild into civilization forgetting his home in the hills. He begins to learn how to eat and talk in a civilized manner. This ultimately disconnects him from is origin. He is then shunned…

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