Human Qualities In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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There are many characteristics that make a person human. Pride, compassion, friendship, sickness, overcoming of a conflict, fear, and the ultimate fear, death. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, some of these characteristics are inferred as to what makes a person a mortal human being. These characteristics are what separate the immortal from the mortal. The compassion Gilgamesh feels towards the people of Uruk prevented him from obtaining eternal life. The fear and loneliness Gilgamesh feels after losing his closest friend Enkidu. Compassion, fear of death, companionship, sickness, loneliness, and religion. These are the qualities portrayed in the Epic of Gilgamesh that makes a person human.
One of the first human qualities seen in the Epic of Gilgamesh is religion and acceptance. In all life cultures, there is a deity or supernatural force that the culture
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At the beginning of the epic, Gilgamesh does not feel any fear. He’s got all he wants, women, houses, money, strength, good looks, and he is even a king. He feels like nothing can stop him and he can have whatever he wants. Gilgamesh even goes as far as to say he does not fear death when he goes to battle Humbaba. He agrees that it is possible, but he believes he and Enkidu will prevail. When the duo first meets Humbaba in the forest they are both fearful but they encourage each other to not lose hope. After he loses his best friend Enkidu, he takes on a whole new meaning of the concept of death. Death was something Gilgamesh never really questioned or thought about up until he lost his best friend. Gilgamesh becomes very fearful of his own death and seeks immortality. Gilgamesh travels to the mountains of Mashu to ask Utipishtim how he received his immortality so that he might be able to gain immortality. Death is a real thing for humans. Gilgamesh didn’t realize how close death was until it took his best

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