Analysis Of The Documentary ' The Narrator ' Essay

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In the documentary the narrator first begins by stating that on December 7, 1941, japanese aircraft carriers were 30 miles east of Hawaii ready to embark its invasion to bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese air force relentlessly raided Pearl harbor leaving many casualties and injured. This attack not only made the United States of America very furious, but it also happened to become the entry into World war II. The U.S was determined to fight back and take all necessary actions to defeat the Japanese for what has been done to Pearl harbor and all the people there. The first problem that I identifies is that the Japanese are preparing for a catastrophic invasion on Pearl Harbor. This overall is the main targeted point discussed through the entirety of the documentary. As the japanese begin to board onto their planes “Taisuke Maruyama, part of the Japanese imperial navy discusses about how he is somewhat worried as to what might happen and also the outcome of the attack in the future. The Japanese trained their pilots well making them precise in dropping to low altitudes to bomb certain targets where in this case it 's focused on the United States aircraft carriers. This also pertains to a major problem that in the documentary the narrator start to discuss very frequently by using exorbitant mature words. The narrator in the documentary can only assume that the viewer can have a general idea as to what might occur as time continues and the Japanese prepare to execute its plan.…

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