Analysis Of The Day I Met Stevey Kade Mcadams Essay

770 Words Oct 12th, 2016 4 Pages
There is a time in everyone’s life when they meet someone that will change their life forever. One of my most unforgettable days, was the day I met Stevey Kade McAdams. It was a warm summer night before my sophomore year. The air was filled with summer joy and laughter. Little did I know, that when I entered, my friend, Trenton Keller’s car my life would change. Not until a person experiences late nights of crying or has to make the hard decision of who is more important, is he or she able to understand the hardships of dating and being a high schooler at the same time. We faced many problems dating and were judged by many people, but regardless we have grown to love each other more and more everyday.
The first night we met I never would have assumed we would have stemmed from there. I was with my best friend Bailey Wehmeir and my close friends Trenton Keller and AJ Kendrick. The plans of the night were to drive around and hang out at Village Green. Kade McAdams and his best friend Damon Shaw showed up and decided to hangout with us. As we all hopped into Trenton Keller’s car to go for a drive I realized who Kade was, but obviously I was not already interested in a relationship. The next few times we saw each other were at parties or gatherings over the summer. In which I still did not think I would be interested in a relationship. It wasn’t until one night Kade finally got the nerve to invite me on a double date with Bailey and Ramiro, that I realized I did like him.…

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