Analysis Of ' The Crucible ' Essay

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EA In “The Crucible”, the theme that is proposed is “the truth versus faith”. Being shown throughout the play that the majority of the characters in the play are lying, for example, Proctor cheating on his wife, Elizabeth, the judge and governor lying by giving the impression that they serve the cause of God’s justice. The main lie throughout the play is “i am not a witch”.Abigail, along with the other girls, lie about their ability to see spirits. The girls are caught dancing in the forest, and while sitting around the cauldron, Abigail was drinking chicken blood and the others were throwing frogs into the cauldron.
Telling the truth, if that was “I am not a witch”, meant that you would then retain to your standing with God and become a martyr.
Due to the manner in which the people of Salem worship God, many individuals start tos how their faith in certain ways in which leads to the conflict between church and state. Faith is shown in one individual in particular, Reverend Hale. He arrived in Salem as a “spiritual doctor” brought to Salem to evaluate the witchcraft taking place in Salem.Hale depends on his faith while questioning the court, not only on court decisions, but the court’s questions. As his job is to diagnose witchcraft when present, he dedicates himself, not only to his faith, but his work. When he first arrived in Salem, he saw massive amounts of evidence for witchcraft, but he stood back from declaring witchcraft right away until he was able to prove it…

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